SUMMA is leading a session on Speech and Language Technologies for Media Processing at the upcoming LT-Accelerate 2016 meeting 21-22 November 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

Europe’s premier event for social, text and speech technologies and their business applications.  LT-Innovate, the Language Technology Industry Association, is coordinating this event in conjunction with Alta Plana Corporation.

Susanne Weber (BBC News Labs) and  Peggy van der Kreeft (Deutsche Welle Innovation) will talk about the use and importance of language technologies, including automated translation, transcription, summarization, and enhanced multilingual search and analysis for broadcast media production. Alexandra Birch from the University of Edinburgh will address automated translation and transcription in SUMMA from a technical point of view. The SUMMA representatives will participate in a panel discussion on Speech and Language Technologies for Media Processing joined by representatives from Ericsson and Limecraft.