Peggy van der Kreeft from Deutsche Welle Innovation will represent SUMMA at an HLT (Human Language Technologies) workshop at the European Parliament in Brussels on 10 January 2017. The workshop, entitled “Language equality in the digital age towards a Human Language Project”, will contribute to put HLT on the European political agenda.

SUMMA interests – and those of international broadcasters such as Deutsche Welle, as user partner and content provider – were also conveyed in a study by the STOA (Scientific and Technology Options Assessment) panel of the European Parliament to assess the current situation of Human Language Technologies and their implications on the configuration of the Digital Single Market in a multilingual Europe. One of the objectives of the panel is to define a set of policy options in order to boost the development of HLT in Europe. Input to this study was provided in the form of a digital interview on the economic and social impact of LT (Language Technologies) in the European Union.