We are entering the final stages of the SUMMA project, a highly promising H2020 EU-funded project which aims to provide media monitoring capabilities for large scale, multimedia and multilingual data.

To demonstrate the results of this 3-year project and the SUMMA media monitoring platform, we are organising a third and final user day, presenting the challenges and the solutions provided by the underlying technologies. This user day is an excellent opportunity for us to engage with people from industry and show you the potential that the platform offers and for you to explore the operational platform and dig into the technologies behind it. We will have live demos of various instances of the platform, and the participating broadcasters (Deutsche Welle and BBC) give some insights into using this in a big media organisation. How the different technologies work and are integrated in their organisations will be explained through a series of presentations and posters, supported by demos.

A tour of Deutsche Welle premises will be organised for those interested in seeing how we operate as a public world broadcaster. The user day will end with a panel discussion with representatives from the media industry and a feedback session.

An open-source version of the media monitoring platform is also released on this day and this therefore provides an excellent opportunity to talk to the developers on the challenges and possibilities of this tool. Moreover, to get the most out of your visit and attendance, this user day is followed by two hands-on days offering you the chance to actually try out the system yourself. The meetings are held at Deutsche Welle, the German world broadcaster, headquarters in Bonn on:

  • 20 November: SUMMA user day.
  • 21 November: Hands-on session I and II on two HLT (Human Language Technology) platforms (SUMMA for cross-lingual media monitoring and news.bridge for automated subtitling)
  • 22 November: Hands-on session III and IV on two HLT platforms (SUMMA for cross-lingual media monitoring and news.bridge for automated subtitling)

A preliminary agenda can be viewed here. Direct registration for the SUMMA user day on 20 November is through Eventbrite. 

Due to limited spaces at the hands-on workshops on 21-22 November, please apply for attendance by mail to info@summa-project.eu

Meetings for the three days are scheduled from 10 am to around 5 pm (CET).