Deliverable Title Description
D1.1 Use Case Description and Requirements This document describes the use case definition and user requirements for the SUMMA project.
It outlines the differences and overlaps of the external and internal media monitoring use cases. It lists and describes the requirements from a broadcast user perspective, in particular BBC and Deutsche Welle, and details specific user scenarios for envisaged stakeholders in multilingual media monitoring.
D1.2 Initial Prototype Report This document describes the prototype work in the SUMMA project, and in particular the user partner view on this process. It builds further upon the use case definition and user requirements described earlier in D1.1. It provides details of achievements since setting the requirements and shows how the broadcast partners moved from these user requirements to designing the platform and actually using it.
D2.1 Data Management Plan  This deliverable provides an analysis of the main elements of the data management policy that will be used by the SUMMA consortium with regard to all the data sets collected for or generated by the project. It covers primarily the areas of data requirements and collection and measures to protect property rights and privacy.
D2.2 Initial Data Provision report
The purpose of this document is to set out the technical specification and proposed solution for the data provision for the SUMMA project.
D2.3 Updated Data Management Plan The report contains an update of the first version of the data management plan, outlining management policy as to datasets collected and generated in the project, property rights and privacy.
D3.1 Initial progress report on shallow stream processing This document reports on the progress made in Work package 3 in the first half of the SUMMA project in terms of shallow stream processing.
It covers speech recognition, machine translation, metadata extraction and clustering and topic detection.
D3.2 Release of Stream Processing Tools, Version 1
In this deliverable we report progress in WP3 in terms of the creation and release of tools providing streams of text and segmenting them into stories for the SUMMA platform. It includes ASR, MT, punctuation, speaker diarization and clustering.
D4.1 Initial progress report on automatic knowledge base creation
This work package takes as input text in multiple languages from WP3 and outputs an automatically constructed knowledge base to be used in the context of media monitoring.
D4.2 Release of multilingual named entity recognition, linking and coreference capabilities
In this deliverable we report the progress in named entity recognition, entity linking and coreference resolution from a software tool release perspective and how these tools integrate in the SUMMA platform.
D5.1 Initial progress report on natural language understanding
This document lays out the Initial Progress Report on Natural Language Understanding (WP5) for the first half of the SUMMA project. This includes semantic parsing, the generation of story highlights and sentiment analysis of a story.
D5.2 Release of storyline level, frame-semantic and AMR parsing capabilities
In this deliverable we report the progress made in developing semantic parsing and summarization components from a software tool release perspective and how these tools integrate in the SUMMA platform.
D6.1 Platform architecture and API Modelling tools selection
This document describes the overall SUMMA Platform architecture, its design principles, and the selected API modelling tools.
D6.2 Release of Initial Platform
This document describes components of the initial SUMMA Platform, Version 1.0.
D6.3 Intermediate report on platform
This report describes the experiences gained after the initial integration of the functionality and interfaces in the SUMMA Platform, Version 1.0.
D6.4 External Media Monitoring Demonstrator beta version prototype
This document describes the demonstrator created for the external media monitoring use case.
D7.1 Evaluation Plan
This document lays out the Evaluation Plan for the SUMMA platform and its use cases. It provides an overview of the evaluation planned, including functionality testing of the prototypes, user evaluation of the use cases, platform integration testing, and component-level evaluation.
D7.2 Initial Evaluation Report This document contains the first Evaluation Report for the SUMMA project and describes the evaluation plans for the remaining 18 months.
D8.1 Project fact sheet This deliverable presents an overview of the SUMMA project. It includes the objectives of project, use cases and impact of the research for project partners.
D8.2 Web Portal
This deliverable is about the SUMMA project website. The SUMMA website went live on 3 June 2016.
D8.3 Dissemination and Exploitation Plan and Initial Report This deliverable relates to Work Package on Dissemination and Exploitation and provides an overview of the plans in terms of dissemination and exploitation for SUMMA and reports on the achievements for the reporting period of M1-M18.