Prototypes and technologies

The SUMMA Platform is a tool for aggregating and analysing various news items (text, audio, video). The Platform consists of multiple NLP (natural language processing) modules, including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation (MT), Named Entity Linking (NEL), Knowledge Data Base (KDB) , event clustering, topic detection, sentiment detection and story-line summarisation. Each module is developed independently by a team that is focused on that module. The goal of the Baseline Architecture is to provide a maximum independence so that each team is free to choose whatever technologies are most appropriate, on the condition that each module honours the API contract.

It also provides the User eXperience (UX) interface with the relevant visualisations for news data enriched by the above mentioned Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules.

Please click on the following links to read more about SUMMA technologies.

  1. The SUMMA integrated platform
  2.  SUMMA architecture
  3. SUMMA components