The following projects are covering technologies close to SUMMA

Deutsche Welle and LETA are collaborating in a Google-funded Digital News Initiative (DNI) prototype project on a workflow chain of primarily Google technologies for speech-to-text, machine translation and text-to-speech.

EUMSSI develops technologies for identifying and aggregating data presented as unstructured information. It includes advanced linking and speech recognition technologies. Deutsche Welle is a partner in this project.

The German News-Stream project, in which Deutsche Welle collaborates with other German partners, is aimed at providing big-data analysis tools for journalists.

Deutsche Welle participates in the MultiSensor project, which helps to monitor, interpret, relate and summarize economic information and news items using sentiment, social and spatiotemporal methods.

The coordination actions Cracker and LT Observatory will coordinate the ICT 17 cluster, developing common language resources, roadmaps and organising shared tasks and workshops.

TraMOOC is concerned with building machine translation systems for Massive Open Online Courses.

Aims to build the next generation of machine translation infrastructure, which will be easily adaptable and scalable, and not require an expensive training phase.

QT21 is a broad-based MT research project aimed at substantially improving the quality of machine translation across the whole range of European languages.

The Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership aims at strengthening the data value chain, in order to allow Europe to play a relevant role in Big Data in the global market.