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Clive Jones

Clive is BBC NI’s Technology Management Lead for the SUMMA project.He has 16 years of experience in a range of different roles in BBC and is now BBC NI’s Media Technologies manager.

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David Sheppey

David is BBC NI’s Software Solution Architect for the SUMMA project. He has over 30 years’ experience in the broadcasting industry and has also worked across many operational areas in radio, TV and film.

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Susanne Weber

Susanne Weber is the Language Technology Producer at BBC News Labs and the SUMMA Innovation Coordinator. In News Labs she leads a team of developers and editors to design a video translation tool which incorporates computer-assisted translation and text-to-speech voice synthesis.

Deutsche Welle

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Peggy van der Kreeft

Peggy is an Innovation Project Manager at Deutsche Welle with 15+ years of experience in running EU-funded research and innovation projects. She focuses on language technology applications and leads the DW SUMMA team in its role as user partner, content provider and dissemination coordinator.

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Andreas Giefer

Andy is an Innovation Manager at Deutsche Welle. He has an engineering background in telecommunication. He worked for BBC R&D, BBC World Service.

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Hina Imran

Hina is a Front-End developer at Deutsche Welle. She is interested in developing data driven web applications.

University of Edinburgh

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Ulrich Germann

Ulrich is a Senior Researcher in Machine Translation at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics. He has been working in Machine Translation Research since 1995.

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Alexandra Birch

Alexandra is a senior research associate who has experience with many aspects of machine translation, from neural machine translation to evaluation. She is the project manager for SUMMA and she is currently exploring how big data and NLP intersect.

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Rico Sennrich

Rico is a Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh. His focus is Machine Translation.

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Shashi Narayan

Shashi is involved in the Natural Language Generation and Summarization.

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Ondrej Klejch

Ondrej is a PhD student at the Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh. His research topic focuses on lightly supervised and semi-supervised methods for automatic speech recognition.

Idiap Research Institute

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Andrei Popescu-Belis

Andrei is a senior researcher at the Idiap Research Institute, a lecturer at EPFL, and the head of Idiap's Natural Language Processing group. He contributes to WP3, specifically to machine translation and document classification.

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Phil Garner

Phil and the Idiap speech group contribute speech recognition and punctuation technology. They also conduct research in those areas, in particular in multilingual speech recognition.

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Yang WANG is Idiap's postdoc researcher working for SUMMA project. He is currently working on punctuation prediction and multilingual ASR.

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Nikolaos Pappas

Nikolaos is a postdoctoral researcher at Idiap Research Institute and a member of Idiap's Natural Language Processing group. He contributes to WP3, specifically to multilingual document classification and clustering.

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Alexandros Lazaridis

Alexandros is a Scientific Collaborator in Speech & Audio Processing group at Idiap. He is working on multilingual ASR in the SUMMA project.

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Lesly Miculicich Werlen

Lesly is a research assistant at Idiap Research Institute and PhD student at EDEE EPFL. Lesly contributes to WP3 in machine translation.

Latvian News Agency

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Guntis Barzdins

Guntis is head of LETA Innovation Labs. He is also a Professor at University of Latvia with which LETA has cooperated in numerous projects.

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Renars Liepins

Renars is a senior Researcher at LETA Innovation Labs, his research focus is deep learning in news organizations.

Qatar Computing Research Institute

Priberam Informatica S.A.

University of Sheffield

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Andreas Vlachos

Andreas is a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, working on the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Current projects include knowledge base population, natural language generation, automated fact-checking and imitation learning.

University College London

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Sebastian Riedel

Sebastian is a Reader at UCL, interested in NLP and Machine Learning. He is the manager for the work package that focuses on automatic knowledge base population.

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